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Sep 2022 - Aug. 2024

ETH ZURICH, Zurich, Switzerland


In addition to the courses I took during my Master, that are listed below, I did a Semester Project (section Projects) and I am currently doing my Master's thesis.

Chosen courses:

  • Vision Algorithms for Mobile Robots

    • Learned the main algorithms and paradigms for Computer Vision applied to Mobile Robots.

    • Developed each week a block of the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) pipeline. 

  • Planning and Decision Making for Autonomous Robots

    • Developed a program tested in simulation for multi-agent autonomous cars.

  • Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control

  • Robot Dynamics.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Model Predictive Control.

  • Power Electronic Systems

I decided to do this second Master's degree after doing an internship at the Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) of ETH Zürich in 2021. The research ongoing in robotics as well as the amazing people I discovered decided me to dive into this captivating topic. I also realized the great opportunity it is to do robotics in Zürich which is a central place for this topic in Europe.

Sep 2021 - Oct 2022

ETS MONTREAL, Montréal, Canada


For my second year of Master's degree in Embedded Systems with ECE Paris, I had the opportunity to do an exchange year in Aerospace Engineering in the Canadian university ETS Montréal.

I studied aircraft conceptual design, and made a team project where we designed an hydraulic architecture given a set of requirements. I also took classes in Control, Robotics, Real-time Programming, Digital Signal Processing, Electric Motors and Software Requirements and Specification.

This year abroad was a really interesting experience where I had to adapt to a new continent, country and university. I enjoyed this possibility to apply my knowledge in aerospace engineering.

Sep 2020 - Aug 2022

EMBEDDED SYSTEM Master of Engineering
ECE Paris, Paris, France


I did this Master in Engineering in the French "Grande Ecole" ECE Paris. For my second year of Master, I did an exchange year at ETS Montréal (see above).

During this Master, I studied Real-time OS (RTOS), Embedded Linux and Linux Drivers, Microcontrollers, Advanced C Programming, FPGAs, Industrial Networks and Computer Networks. 

I realized projects for most courses I took, such as a video game based on a PIC Microcontroller, displaying data on a screen from an FPGA through VGA, or developing a complex program on a Linux computer using shared memory, multi-threading and processes.

These studies allowed me to have a deep understanding of Embedded Systems, the constraints of hardware and critical aspects such as real-time. As this Master was project driven, I also developed soft skills critical for project and team management.

Sep 2017 - Jul 2020

ECE Paris, Paris, France


I did my Bachelor in a French "Grande Ecole" as part of the "Diplôme d'Ingénieurs" cursus, in which a Master of Engineering is issued after 5 years of studies (3+2).

During this general Bachelor, I had Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Informatics classes. I also studied some more specific topics such as Web Development and did many projects such as coding video games in C or C++, realizing different electronic prototypes or simulating systems on MATLAB or electronic simulation softwares.

As part of my Bachelor, I did a semester abroad in my third year (ERASMUS) in the Swedish university of Malmö, Malmö Universität.

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